Optical Lense

Product Information

Polycarbonate Lense
UV Filter
Anti-fog Fliter
Information: Sold per unit
Strengths:-2,0, -2,5 -3,0 -3,5 -4,0 -4,5 -5,0 -5,5 -6,0
Please Note: Optic Lens-Assemble Kit sold seperately

Optical Lense

Article Number: 1710008

Optical Lens is our ready-made perscription lenses for swim goggles.
Customizable optical lenses to suit individual needs.

These popular optical corrective lenses are for nearsighted swimmers (myopic unable to see distance clearly) outside of the pool. Optical Lens- Assemble Kit (nose bridges, head strap, and clip) are sold seperately. Swimmers can assemble their own custom Optical swim goggles with different strengths, per eye as needed.

Two units of lenses is needed to be used with the Optic Lens-Assemble Kit.
We recommend rounding down the perscription strength, this will reduce strain on the eyes.

Made for nearsited vision, our lenses range in diopters(strengths) from:
-2,0, -2,5 -3,0 -3,5 -4,0 -4,5 -5,0 -5,5 -6,0

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