Storage Trolley Lane Line

Product Information

Material: Stainless steel 316L, center beam powder coated blue for added corrosion protection. 4 swivel castors of which 2 are lockable.

Dimensions: Available in 2 sizes.

Small: unassembled in 3 boxes 1. 1200x1150x50mm 14kg (trolley) 2. 1300x1250x180mm 19kg (wheels) 3. 2000x150x150mm 17kg (center rod)
Assembled Dimensions: 1910x1250x1410mm
Capacity: 150m Malmsten Classic or 75m MalmstenGold Lines

Large: Unassembled in 3 boxes 4. 1200x1150x50mm 14kg (trolley) 5. 1300x1250x180mm 19kg (wheels) 6. 2500x150x150mm 22kg (center rod)
Assembled Dimensions: 2450x1250x1410mm
Capacity: 200m Malmsten Classic or 100m Malmsten Gold Lines Information: Sold Per Unit

Storage Trolley Lane Line

Article Number: 1012001

Easy to use with the hand wheels of 1250 mm, allowing an excellent grip.

Commercial size and durable made for public pools. Heavy duty trolley where 4 Gold (150 mm) 25 m Malmsten Lane Lines fits on 1 large trolley!

Each trolley is equipped with four swivel castors for ease of handling where 2 may be locked in position when trolley is being loaded or unloaded.

A protective cover is available and sold separately.



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