Advanced Movable Floor

Our movable floors are made of beams in stainless acid-proof steel. The floor covering consists of slip proof (Class C, 24˚) boards of PVC vinyl ester, 117 mm wide and 22 mm thick.

They are installed with 8 mm gaps to create an efficient through-flow.The standard colour of the boards is white. Coloured boards, dark blue or black, can be chosen for swimming lane markings.

The maximum load* is 65 kg/m2 as standard.

Advanced Movable Floor

Article Number: 1810000

A Malmsten movable floor is constructed for optimal ease of use and maintenance. As opposed to many other brands of movable floor there are no attachments on the pool floor, which simplifies cleaning.

The floor boards ensure that the water has an efficient through-flow across the whole floor. There are no recesses where dirt can accumulate, which means the quality of the water remains unaffected.

A Malmsten movable floor has at least one service hatch, where you can lower a normal-sized pool cleaner. As the shaft and the gears are placed in the gutter, all servicing is done from the top (pool edge). In the Advanced model, motors are serviced from the pool edge. Therefore you never need to empty the pool for service and maintenance.

• The drive function is assisted by screw jacks, each fitted with its own separate motor. The floor is therefore flexible and can be angled both horizontally and vertically – Malmsten can programme the software from 0 to 3 per cent inclination. If the pool walls are straight, the normal inclination is 2 – 3 per cent without exceeding the 8 mm gaps on the outer wall
• The system does not require special guttering and can be installed either in new or existing pools whether they are tiled, in stainless steel or lined
• The movable floor can be installed in pools of different design, e.g. freeform pools, that do not require gutters.
• No installations in the gutter that collect dirt
• Low noise level as the motors are under water and no mechanical devices needed
• Our floor covering is in PP/PE or PVC material
• No extra volume required in the equalizing tank in the basement as the water level does not fall 10 cm when operation is stopped for water cleaning
• Remote monitoring The control system has a remote connection for reading operation data, running times, number of starts and stops, movement distances, etc.
• Fewer wear parts that need to be serviced and maintained
• Quick installation