Aquafitmat Floating Pool Mat

Product Information

Material: Nylon Reinforced PVC
Dimensions: Length: 220 cm, Width: 81 cm, Height: 12 cm, Weight: 10 kg
Information: Easy self-assembly required.
Sold per unit.
Maxvikt: 120 kg
Please Note: All accessories are sold separately.
Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Aquafitmat Floating Pool Mat

Article Number: 1312030

The Aquafitmat Pool Mat is designed to allow all swimming pools to offer a new aquatic activity, without any constraints in depth of water or shape of pool. Patterns printed on the covering allow users to clearly identify workout zones indicated during the class.

Designed to be easily attached between two lane lines thanks to the attachment kit, it is quick to install. Can also be attached using anchors at the bottom of the pool. This educational mat has been specially designed to use unequal balance.

Thanks to its many rings, the floating mats interlock with each other and allow multiple configurations for group training.
We recommend a distance of 150cm between the pool edge and the mats, as well as a distance of 100 cm between each mat.

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