Springboard Duraflex 16ft

Product Information

Material: Duralaluminium (6070-T6)
Dimensions: Length: 488 cm, Width: 49,5 cm, Weight: 67 kg.
Made from a one-piece ribbed extrusion of aluminum alloy (6070-T6) with 8 rips and torsion-box extrusion for stabilization.
Tapered from the fulcrum area to the diving-tip.
Rubber channels in the area of adjustability of the roller.
Yield strength: 50.00 psi.
Shielded from corrosion by thermal curing epoxy resin.
Non-slip surface on topside.
Please Note: Recreational Use Only

Springboard Duraflex 16ft

Article Number: 1110003

Duraflex Diving Board 16 ft. is a perfect suit for swimming pools of cities and municipalities, for aquatic centers, for school and team sports. Not to be used for competive diving.
It is similar to item 1110001 but not perforated in the front part and not slimmed from the roller wheel to the back. Therefore this board is somewhat less flexible than the Maxi B. The board should only be used with a Durafirm diving board support.

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