What an exciting time ahead of us - Malmsten take off!


Tokyo2020; preparations have started!
Malmsten water polo equipment are being installed for the upcoming Japanese Water Polo Championships 5-7th of October 2018, held in the Tatsumi pool, where the water polo competitions will take place Tokyo 2020. A first test event, attracting judges and observers from around the world. As part of our commitment, Jens Svensson, our key technician, will be on sight assisting the Japanese Swimming Federation and our local distributor.

Buenos Aires 2018; Malmsten commitment!
Aquatics are one of the 32 sports during next month Youth Olympics, held 6-18th of October, 2018 in Buenos Aires.

It is an honor to have shipped our equipment and Malmsten will be represented by Christian Malmsten and William Paiement.

Jakarta 2018; Aquatics is our passion!
A full range of water polo equipment were being used in Jakarta for Asian Games 2018 in August.

Alger 2018; Starting Blocks Malmsten!
We are happy to report an important equipment delivery to this summer’s Youth African Games held in Alger, 22-28th of July!

Hangzhou 2018; equipment on its way!
Right before the end of this year, the 11-16th of December, the FINA Swimming Championships will be held in Hangzhou. Equipment, produced by LINUS, our incredible robot, is now at sea heading towards China. As part of our Malmsten commitment our team will be in Hangzhou, both for the competition and exhibiting at the FINA Convention held on 8-10th of December.