Referees' Structure Catwalk

Product Information

Height: 700 mm. Width: 1000 mm.
Length/Section: 2000 mm.
One set is 34 meters in all, with 2 short steps at each end.

Referees' Structure Catwalk

Article Number: 1515003

The Malmsten catwalk is a flexible system, easy to install and to put away after the competition.
The catwalk has the length of the field of play for water polo, and is made up from 2 meter long, 1 meter wide and 70 cm in height. It is an easy hook-on system.

Total Length 34 meters (2 x 0,5 meter steps of 200 and 400 mm).

For major championships, in water polo, there is a 32-meter long catwalk long side the play of field on both sides of the pool, and the catwalk has the color markings of the play of field.
This platform may be used for other activities around the pool.

The color coded matting is an easy roll-out carpet according to FINA revised rule, effective March 2019, and comes with an add on to inter-change between field of play men and women.
May be used for other activities around the pool.

Main features:
-Official product for LEN and FINA
-Solid, water proof, with anti-slip cover
-Easy hook-on system. Lockable
-Storage boxes on wheel



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